At this time, we’re proud to present:

APPSESSIVE, or “Addict meets App Store.” (And Play Store. And…)

The SCHOOLMARM, or “Turn the JOKE into a GAME.”

For Love of the GAMES, or “Reviews of every single game we’ve ever played!”

GAME ON! or “Reviews of goods and services to help YOU make your OWN games.”

PRETTY PLEASE, or “Apps and products that would make learning (and, indeed, LIFE) more fun…if they existed!”

Sally Gets BRAVE, or “What happens when an old-skool JRPG-“enthusiast” (ok, “addict”) becomes a first-time MMORPGamer.”

3 Chicks Chatting (3CH2), or “What happens when three (or even four) VERY different people talk about the SAME GAME (or element thereof/in).”

+ + +

More “timely” updates–weekend events, new releases, etc.–and just plain NEWS will be posted to the general BLOG.