Specialist Recipes Unlocked??! FFXIV’s Gift to Crafting Addicts in Patch 4.2

Apparently, ALL crafters possessing Master Crafting Tome V (in a given field) can AUTOMATICALLY gain access to (previously-) “Specialist” recipes!!

aka You do NOT have to have a Soul of the Whatever crystal equipped to be able to make Ala Mhigan gear anymore!

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Despite this BRILLIANT news, it would still behoove one to set all three specialists, because the crystals do give each crafter +20 Control AND +20 Craftsmanship. Again, one character can only choose (up to) three Specialists.

(If you lost your Soul of the Crafter crystals (or simply wanna switch camps), you can get them from Rowena’s store in Rhalgar’s Reach for 480 Red Crafters’ Scrips.)

Component Studio From TGC

The GOOD news is that it looks easier than their OLD editor.

The LESS-GOOD news is that you have to be fairly non-oblivious-to-tech-stuff to get the procedure down in a sec.

Basically, it’s like Photoshop: very powerful and potentially-time-saving… IF you can make it work (aka take the time to learn HOW it works).

More news (and a full review) coming up mid-Septemberish, 2017.


One more tragic thing: while the first thousand users to sign up (and stay signed up) get a Half-Off-FOREVER coupon code, there doesn’t appear to be a free trial (which would be great, that one might have the chance to muck about and see how LONG it would take one to, like, learn HOW it works).



Could AIO Robotics be the most AWESOME company in the whole WORLD?!

Screen Shot 2016-07-11 at 2.00.23 PM

Why? BECAUSE! Just LOOK at what you–yes, YOU!–can PRINT OUT… right in your living room!

The future is NOW! (Yay for technology!)

Click on this friendly robot below for even MORE info, straight from the…Robot’s…mouth. (SORRY! It’s like someone implanted a 24/7 Cornball Chip in my brain.)

Screen Shot 2016-07-11 at 1.56.34 PM


(Review of ZEUS by guess who COMING SOON! God willing…!

For the moment, however, feel free to check out some photos of the delectable 3D Printer and Scanner by AIO Robotics.)