(Updated April, 2017)


WELCOME to Ms. GWAELIN, our NEWEST Team-Member!

Gwaelin began as an intern and moved to Editor of RPGs!


She also brings with her several years of web and web video experience, so she gets to be our Director of Media and Social Media EXTRAORDINAIRE.


DJLZ (Biz-Whiz-of-Sorts)

Bio coming soon! 


Haruu S. (OTOME EDITOR, and Chief Gatherer-of-Screenshots)

Haruu has been devoted to “many animes and MOST OTOMES” for about ten years. Since I have no idea about the former and just a bit about the latter, we rounded the old girl up, and she writes reviews and the like…EXCLUSIVELY for us at PLAYED Magazine.


(The) Magical Ms. Meiko (news Dynamo)

Bio coming soon!


Sarashii (Inexplicable Terror and Hellion)

Bio coming soon!


DJ/SS (Founding Editor-in-Chief and Even Bigger Hellion)

Before I was a professor or a researcher or a game designer, I was a GAMER. I still am. But now, my heart is *just as ready to burst* at the thought of game mechanics as EVER it was (and still is) at the sound of ANYTHING by Nobuo Uematsu. (Or the theme to Dragon Warrior. Or… heh… :)

You can read (lots) more about me HERE, but be warned: I really, really, REALLY love games (and teaching. And researching. And DESIGNING…).

I’m also a bit… APPSESSIVE, so if you’re into reading about apps (and perusing some awesome screenshots of ’em–all 3000 of them!), then there you are.